UTEX x Aurora: Unveiling cryptocurrency margin trading service

Now you can trade crypto using our acclaimed Aurora terminal.

We have launched cryptocurrenсy margin trading of cryptocurrencies. This service will be available through a well-known trading terminal Aurora which we have been improving for you since 2012.

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We recommend only experienced traders use margin trading.

Conditions and options

  • 3X Leverage.
  • Commission fee is 0,2% (stock exchange fee).
  • Maximum Stop-loss level is 70% of the current balance.
  • Use of Aurora is free of charge.

Reports and clearing

Once every 24 hours Aurora undergoes clearing that lasts up to 5 minutes. In this span of time the system sends and loads trading reports over the past day while sending new orders is unavailable. Clearing occurs every day at midnight (UTC).

How to start trading

  • Go to the deposit page on the United Traders website and sign in (login and password from UTEX or Aurora account will also work).
  • Deposit a main account (red button).
  • In the same Transfer, transfer funds from the main account to the «Account~UTEX» account («Transfer between acounts»)
  • Download and install Aurora terminal on your PC. Sign in the same profile you deposited.
  • Start making deals.

UTEX account and Aurora account are separate and not connected to each other. If you don’t want to use the margin trading service, just deposit your UTEX account and trade cryptocurrencies on the exchange via the Basic or Professional interface.

What is Stop-loss?

Aurora uses a Stop-loss parameter that limits losses on your positions. Stop-loss can be set at any amount but not more than 70% of the current balance. Stop-loss is calculated in USD based on Net P&L indicator of the current trading session (total amount for all trades including commission). When you make your first deposit, Stop-loss is 30% of the trade’s amount. The current Stop-loss value is entered in Aurora’s main window.

If you need to change Stop-loss, please contact our customer support through email support@unitedtraders.com or Telegram (@utex_help_bot).

Position liquidation: how and when

Position liquidation takes place when it reaches Stop-loss, in two stages.

1. When Stop-loss triggers, it activates Close Only mode. In this mode, the system:

  • cancels all active offers for opening new positions;
  • prevents sending new offers for opening a position;
  • allows you to send only the offers for closing open positions.

2. Our risk manager closes this position.

Please note that position liquidation doesn’t occur instantly. If necessary, you can close your position independently, without awaiting the risk manager.

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