Robinhood pre-IPO futures are expired

The futures in user accounts were sold at the open price of HOOD stock on Feb. 14.

Yesterday, February 14, Robinhood pre-IPO futures expired, the ticker was removed from UTEX interface.

According to the trading rules, the expiration occurred 200 days after the company's IPO in July 2021. The futures in user accounts were sold for $13.1, which corresponds to Robinhood shares price (the underlying asset of futures) on the first day of trading on Feb. 14.

In 2013 Robinhood upended the online brokerage business by launching a fee-free stock trading app – making trading in the stock market that easy for the first time in history. Today 23 million people use the app.

Robinhood's financial performance and revenue over the past few quarters have been quite erratic since their dependence largely on meme stock and crypto trading. The dynamic of Robinhood shares was also affected by a sharp public tech stock correction. 

19 more futures on private companies at the pre-IPO stage are trading on UTEX exchange.

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